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MEET YELLOWCAKE, a Boston-based band with a purpose!

They're teens helping other teens and kids just like them. Leading lady vocalist Kaela Carlin and band mates Austin Lang, Jacob Hertz, and Shane Sager created "Notes for the Cure"—where they and other high school bands have made music and raised money to support research at Children's Hospital Boston.

Yellowcake and seven other bands launched our "Notes for the Cure" fundraising and performance competition in late April 2010. They raised their voices and money to support research at Children's Hospital Boston. Stay tuned for details on how your band can get involved in our upcoming online "Notes for the Cure" activities to make it better for sick kids everywhere.


Friday, May 7th
Wow! That rocked.

That's what we heard after we hosted our battle of the bands competition "Notes for the Cure." Thanks to our great sponsors CVS/ Caremark and KISS 108. They came through with a great event for hundreds of music lovers. All told, we raised $20,000 to benefit pediatric research through Generation Cures!

The Jessica Prouty Band won first place for best performance, but there were so many great acts: SPANG, The Gutterheads, OCDC, Fair 2 Say, The Keys, and who could forget Abyss.

For being the best fundraising band we were given a six-date tour in the New England area. Be sure to look out for us. Our next location will be the Dedham Music and Arts Festival on Saturday, June 5th, at noon. Find out more at

Monday, April 12th
We had an amazing response to our call for entries, and here is the final list of bands and their songs. Please listen and support your favorite band!

Notes for the Cure final lineup:

The Jessica Prouty Band Support

Fair 2 Say Support

OCDC Support

The Keys Support

Abyss Support

The Gutterheads

Spang Support

Yellowcake Support

Thurday, February 25th
This week we're excited to announce the first of a bunch of groups that have contacted us to participate in the Battle of the Bands— Notes for the Cure.  Welcome Jessica Prouty Band!  Check out their sound and mark your calendars for April 29th!

Here's what they wrote to us when they joined the competition:

Hi!  We are the Jessica Prouty Band.  We chose to write the song "Escape" for various reasons. A lot of our friends were going through personal hardships in their lives at the time, and we wanted to develop an optimistic song to help their spirits.  We hope that this song encourages all of us to work together for a cure and be the best that they can possibly be.

Monday, February 8th
Playing at Fablevision was awesome. We never knew librarians could have so much fun. It was cool to see that everyone was enjoying "The Song Goes On" and "Whipping Post" by the Allman Brothers.

After the performance, everyone was thanking us for playing and telling us that we did a great job. We even signed some autographs!

Playing at Fablevision was different than most of our gigs, mainly because there were a lot of people, and we didn't know 90% of the people who came to see us.

The desserts were pretty awesome too.

We still can't believe that we were given this opportunity to play our music and help people at the same time. We can't wait for April 29th.

Sunday, January 10th
Today's the day we had been waiting for. We were headed out to record our first single, "The Song Goes On," but the real question is -- Does it?

We packed up the car -- guitars, drums, lyrics, and (of course) snacks. We were SO ready -- or so we thought. We got to Mix One Studio (John Mayer has been recording there since he went to Berklee College of Music, so cool -- right?). We looked around -- it was amazing! We felt like kids in a candy store -- or even better -- musicians in a great studio. After a long set up and a quick "shopping spree" we started recording one song the entire afternoon. Which answers the question -- YES, the song really does go on...for five hours.

You're probably wondering why we were doing this and what it has to do with Children's Hospital? Well, we are doing this as an invitation to you. We need other high schoolers that are in bands to join us with our cause, "Notes For the Cure." We have posted our track and lyrics, so take a listen. If you like what you hear, read on .

Well, we're guessing you liked it, cause you're still reading! Cool. We're going to update this blog regularly to give you details about other bands that are joining us. If you're not in a band, you can still help us raise money. We are trying to help young kids, and teens our age worldwide.

We're all so excited, next Sunday we are playing "The Song Goes On" at a launch party for the book, Zebrafish. The book is about a high school band coming together to raise money for medical research. Sound familiar? So, take a look at the website There is a ton of cool information.

Until next time,